Your child’s voice

He mokopuna, he taonga – It’s all about the kids.

When parents or carers separate it can bring big changes – especially for the children. There will be a lot to talk about and many decisions to be made. During these times, Family Works recognises the importance of listening to the whole whānau – including the youngest voice in the room.

We make sure children’s thoughts and feelings are always heard and any agreements made are always in their best interests.


How does it work?

Our Voice of the Child service sees a specially trained children’s voice practitioner meet with your children prior to mediation to ensure their thoughts and feelings are conveyed to the adults during the mediation meetings.

In a neutral and safe space, your children will be able to have their say on important topics related to their care and a new or changing family situation. This may include conversations around how the current arrangements are working, contact with each parent or carer and how they would like the family to work together.

At the end of the meeting the child will agree on what messages they want to be shared and the information will be passed on to your family mediator. Your child’s wishes can then be heard during the family mediation meetings, helping parents and caregivers to make the best decisions for their children.

At Family Works, we can help each child and young person be heard so that parents and carers can make the best arrangements for their children and family.

Child’s Voice practitioner’s are experienced in working with children of all ages, in a variety of family situations. All communications and resources are specifically created for children and aim to encourage an understanding of the changes and emotions they may experience.

A child’s voice

Written for children and teens, this brochure explains in simple terms the importance of talking about thoughts, feelings and needs while going through family changes.


Child’s journal

Made specifically for children and teens, our child’s journal is a diary for kids to note down their throughs and feelings, identify their needs, and feel good about themselves through tough times. Please contact us to request a copy.